Get Involved

Want to get involved with our class?

Here are just a few ways to get more involved:

1. Come to our second Destination Mini-Reunion in Vancouver, BC on October 11-14, 2019.


2. Join the Class Leadership team like the following classmates have as a Wellesley Fund Rep for raising funds for the college or as a Regional Rep to help with mini-reunions and gatherings.

Wellesley Fund Assistant Reps:

-- Annie Spader Byerly, Englewood, NJ

Regional Reps: (NOTE: We need more regional reps from other parts of the country)

-- Laura Becker-Lewke, Portola Valley, CA (West Coast)

-- Laura Rodriguez, Silver Spring, MD (Washington, DC)


3. Find lost classmates: See section on the left and let us know if you have contact info for any of them.  Our class secretaries will reach out and see if we can encourage them to reconnect with the Class and the Alumnae Association.

Lost Classmates

Sometimes we fall off the college radar to become  "lost, lost in the wide, wide world." The Class of  1977 currently has 48 lost classmates for whom we  have no contact information.

If you know one of these alumnae, please ask her to send her current contact info (name, class, address, e-mail, phone) to the college at or call 1-800-339-5233.

Listed alphabetically by college last name.


Mary Adams Leland - Boston
Gulrukh Ahmed - Boston
Victoria Alin
Marianne Baker Kitchell
Caroline Blackwell - Fairfield Villages Connecticut
Susanna Caldwell
Carol Chambers - New York
Margaret Chou
Margaret Coleman Frankian
Judith Coletti LeBeau
Arlene Comeau-Palmieri
Suzanne Crawford
Leslie Ericson Harlan
Matney Faulkner - Dallas
Rebecca Fiser-Oliver
Teresa Foudriat - Hudson Valley NY
Caridad Freyre Duque - Belgium
Ellen Gerken
Andore Graham Lozano
Patrice Grattan
Ann Griffin - Northern California
Robin Hadlock
Abigail Halperin
Anne Heekin-Canedy - New York
Maria Heilbron
Elyce Kearns - Boston
Andrea Lasane - Boston
Carolyn Lemons - Atlanta
Marcia Lewis - Oregon
Elinor Lipman - Belgium
Susan Lodge Perry
Jeanne Loo - Boston
Joanne Nelson Fairley - United Kingdom
Ann Pendleton
Laura Pettibone Wright
Mary Phelps McGinity
Stephanie Prior
Mary Rose Kelley
Rachel Ryan - Fairfield Villages Connecticut
Linda Siauw Santosa
Jin-yi Suk - California
Amy Tecklenburg
Katrine Trobisch Stewart
Susan VanGinkel
Annette Walsh
Mary Wells Vickery
Laura Williams - Dallas