45th Reunion: June 2022                                   

About our 40th Reunion:

 We did it with style

►  We did it with heart: Trudi Berlin Hays remembers our 40th in verse

"My thoughts on returning from Wellesley Reunion 2017"

Helen our pres has been a great leader

These last 5 years she couldn’t be sweeter

We had dinners at Lulu, Laura led some in yoga

It is rumored that in the parade there was even a toga

We gathered by classes giving many a cheer

 As the myriad of ladies marched by with their year

Many wore white and our parasols were green

Many took pictures to record what was seen.

We saw green braided hair, green wig and more

There were beads, and glitter and fun galore!

Read Trudi's entire poem here.


 We Captured The Fun In Photos And Videos:

   See us on Shutterfly, with thanks to MaryAnne Kirgan, our unofficial class photreunion2017_composite_photosographer who took most of the photos. Download for free.


We Held out 40th Reunion Class Meeting: What was said and done.

   We elected a new slate of officers.

  • Co-President: Rachel Sing and Michele Tinsley Leonard
  • Co-Secretary: Julie MacMillan and Polly Munts Talen
  • Treasurer: Laura Hussong
  • Co-Vice President: Kathy Pulley Killian and Susan Jacobsen Anselmo Stone
  • Wellesley Fund Rep: Kay Telesford Simmons. (Since our meeting, Frannie Wallace Robertson and Mary Ellen Pauli have joined Kay's committee.)

   We remembered classmates no longer with us in a memorial service led by Rev. Irene Monroe and Peyton Morris Petty.

Read the complete minutes here. 

► We Supported Wellesley – Fundraising Update:

 lampposts_in_autumn  Congratulate yourself. The 40th reunion class of 1977 raised a five-year reunion gift of $2,279,795 in cash and commitments.  We surpassed our goal of 50 percent alumnae participation—that’s the percentage of class members who are donors--and closed FY17 with 54.1 percent participation, a new class record. We had 28 Durant Society members who gave $2,500 or more in a single year. By comparison, we finished FY16 with 43.6 percent participation and 17 Durant Society members.  Overall alumnae participation reached 49 percent this past fiscal year, just shy of the College's goal of 50 percent. 
Remember, it takes only a dollar to become a donor. www.wellesley.edu/give


► We Did It With Spirit:

  Our thanks to the classmates who contributed to our 40th Reunion Spirit Fund to help underwrite Reunion expenses for classmates in need.

Laura Beckegreen_oak_leavesr-Lewke ♦ Laura Buchanan ♦ Susan Buchanan♦ Anne Byerly ♦ Susan Caplan ♦ Anne Chaffee ♦ Robyn Cole ♦ Katherine Cowell ♦ Elisabeth Crane ♦ Ann Crigler ♦ Cynthia Dahlin ♦ Florence Denhard ♦ Mary Driscoll ♦ Donna Drvaric ♦ Fiona Ertugrul ♦ Lisa Esserman ♦ Diana Farmer ♦ Catherine Farnsworth ♦ Virginia Flanagan ♦ Janet Gray ♦ Kim Himmelfarb ♦ Lucy  Hinckley ♦ Elneita Hutchins-Taylor ♦ Nanci Kountz ♦ Elizabeth Lambert ♦ Sarah Lemaire ♦ Michele Leonard ♦ Julia MacMillan ♦ Judith McBride ♦ Willajeanne McLean ♦ Eva Moldovanyi ♦ Elizabeth Monsell ♦ Adele Morrissette ♦ Diane Muscarella ♦ Christine Muth ♦ Sue Nichols ♦ Josephine Norris ♦ Celeste Pelc ♦ Peyton Petty ♦ Threelsie Phillips ♦ Mary Rafferty ♦ Jeri Riggs ♦ Frances Robertson ♦ Laura Rodriguez ♦ Avis Seals ♦ Cynthia Shapira ♦ Kay Simmons ♦ Rachel Sing ♦ Jessica Strauss ♦ Jean Thompson ♦ Elizabeth Volpone ♦ Susan Webster ♦ Sherry Zitter