January, 2018


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It started as a simple question - shouldn't we talking about race at Reunion? This query led to a  passionate hope: to mobilize Wellesley Women to achieve racial equity and justice. At an ad hoc meeting at Reunion 2017, the Wellesley Alumnae Racial Justice Initiative – just imagine what 35,000 powerful Wellesley women could accomplish!


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More than 120 Wellesley women, from 1947 to 2012, have thus far expressed interest. President Johnson applauded our ambitions: she is committed to developing inclusion excellence on campus, asking us to focus on the broader Wellesley community. At her request, we are working with WCAA on priorities that overlap their inclusivity efforts; staff have pledged available resources and communications support where appropriate. We are developing systems, seeking funding for coordination, and recruiting project leadership.


On a December planning call, the following projects were selected for development:

-- Overall planning (needs assessment, asset mapping)

-- Menu and templates for Wellesley gatherings (Clubs, Reunion, Mini-reunions), focused on racism, beginning academic year 2018-19. Includes open conversations about race, -- anti-racism training for white women, and alliance-building.

-- Model voter registration drive for Clubs to implement; support mechanism for Wellesley women running for office on racial justice platforms.

-- Supporting current and recent students - e.g., mentoring and supporting campus efforts.


To get involved - or just stay informed, please indicate your interest HERE

For more on each of these projects, see this SUMMARY.

For more information, to make a suggestion, or to get involved as a co-leader, please email us at: WellesleyRacialJustice@gmail.com


Jessica Strauss '77

Sherry Zitter '77

Michele Tinsley Leonard '77

Quiana Agbai ’02