June is a Reunion month for Wellesley alumnae. Even when it is not our year to return to campus, thoughts may turn to friends we knew. That is why we have chosen June to launch the Class of 1977 "In Memoriam" Project at www.wellesleyclassof1977.org.  

    Here you will find a page for each classmate who no longer is with us. Included are links to obituaries and yearbook photos, when available. For some classmates, information is missing. If you can help fill it in, please write to secretary@wellesleyclassof1977.org

     Please share thoughts and memories at our Community - Wellesley Class of 1977 Facebook group where there is a post for each departed classmate. (See below for how to join the group.)

irene_monroe_peyton_petty_memoriam_40threunion    A year ago, Reverend Irene Monroe and Peyton Morris Petty led us in a touching memorial service on the Saturday of 40th Reunion Weekend. Irene and Peyton's remarks are now online at www.wellesleyclassof1977.org.


Polly Munts Talen and Julia MacMillan - Class of 1977 Co-Secretaries

secretary@wellesleyclassof1977.org ~ https://www.facebook.com/polly.talen

Helen Kriz Marshall - "In Memoriam" Project Editor